A trip down memory lane with Martin Eayrs

ImageMartin Eayrs has posted a fascinating trip down memory lane, nostalgically recalling the early years of International House Buenos Aires on his Blip…forty years is a long time!


Definitely worth a read as we celebrate 60 years of International House…

And remember if, like Martin, you started out with IH, then please do sign up to our Alumni list so we can keep you up to date with all things IH – free teacher development workshops and conferences, free resources, competitions and just keeping in contact with the IH teaching community…


See you at an IH event soon!  Let us know if you use one of the IH60 lessons…


About International House Buenos Aires Teacher Training

At International House Buenos Aires Teacher Training we teach languages and train teachers. As part of the International House World Organisation (IHWO), one of the leading language providers worldwide, our goal is to promote excellence in language education. We provide high quality English & Spanish language instruction and internationally recognised teacher training courses, which aim to increase standards in teaching and learning in wider contexts.
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