Part-Time CELTA, full-time benefits!

2019 Part-Time CELTA candidate Rocio Loza gives us her lowdown on her part-time CELTA experience…

“My name is Rocio. I’ve always been passionate about teaching English. Havimg spent some time looking for an appropriate teaching training course, as well as an official qualification, I finally found out that CELTA would offer me both. As a result, in March this year  I took up the CELTA Part-time course at International House Buenos Aires,  and I’m so happy I did!

Tutored by Neil, Kate and Emma, I learnt effective teaching approaches and techniques. They taught me how to manage my classroom, how to develop my lesson plans in a student-centred way, the importance of TTT, MPF and CCQs, and lots of other relevant concepts. The material I received during the course was amazingly well-organised, and their input sessions were significant and enjoyable.

The course itself has been challenging but absolutely worthwhile.

Thanks to my tutors for your exceptional support throughout the course because your feedback literally empowered me to strengthen my teaching skills. Now I’m aware of many aspects that I used to ignore before the course, and as a consequence, my students have increased their engagement, and have even asked me to double their weekly lessons!

I recommend the CELTA course for those who love the English language and enjoy teaching as much I do.”


About International House Buenos Aires Teacher Training

At International House Buenos Aires Teacher Training we teach languages and train teachers. As part of the International House World Organisation (IHWO), one of the leading language providers worldwide, our goal is to promote excellence in language education. We provide high quality English & Spanish language instruction and internationally recognised teacher training courses, which aim to increase standards in teaching and learning in wider contexts.
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